Nikki Vanecek, owner of TCM Wellness Clinic in Spring Park


Nikki Vanecek developed a therapeutic approach to keep her body healthy. This approach is based on a detailed study of Ayurveda and the findings of research conducted by a team of researchers from the University College Dublin (UCD) School of Biochemistry.

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The clinic has been around for years and is one of the most popular health and wellness clinics in the city.

In order to make sure that their clients are kept up to date, Nikki uses a Telegram bot to send out daily newsletters on different topics. The bot also sends out relevant information about her clinics, provides preventive care for women with bad backs, helps them plan their monthly family doctor appointments and sends them updates about upcoming events.

Nikki Vanecek is a wellness consultant who helped create TCM Wellness Clinic (a 24-hour clinic in Spring Park) which became famous in the area.

She went to college and studied psychology and special education. Then she worked as a special education teacher for five years. As a result of that, she discovered an interest in wellness and fitness. She wanted to become an expert on health, nutrition and self-improvement.

She worked as a consultant at The Body Shop where she developed concepts for products aimed at women’s health including fitness kits, eyelash extensions and skin care products for professional use (i.e., BHAs).

Since she has access to the coast-to-coast map of the clinics, she could always find information that would fit her needs in order to prepare for upcoming appointments and activities. She could also get information about available treatments, based on all kinds of data from patient’s records. This would have reduced the time needed for researching and preparing for each appointment by almost 30%!

For Nikki Vanecek, this type of automation saves time and money which are crucial for any consultant involved in wellness clinics. In addition, her clinic’s clients have better health and she keeps them happy with fresh food and delicious items like.

The health inspector for Spring Park has been applying for the job with small glowing eyes on her face. She has a lot of application forms to go through and sometimes she ends up breaking into tears when she is overwhelmed.

One day a good looking man walks into the office and sees Nikki standing at a computer screen, tears streaming down her face. The man asks her what’s wrong and, being honest about it, she reveals that she is just confused about the job application process and that she needs help so that she can get to work. She explains everything to him in detail including how long it takes for all of these forms to be filled out, what time the shifts are, what time the clinic opens and closes, how many reports have been submitted etc., etc… He takes one look at Nikki’s tired.

Nikki Vanecek is a certified medical assistant and a professional massage therapist. She has been practicing her profession for the past 15 years. She has experience working on different health care facilities and she even assisted to create content for other websites.

She explained how she came up with this idea because she wanted to generate content that is more meaningful and reflects her expertise in massage therapy as well as the type of wellness clinic she runs.

In one instance, she received email from an invitation for a product launch event, but no other details were given about it or the date/time it would take place, so Nikki was not sure whether or not to sign up