Nikki Vanecek, a specialist in treating depression


Nikki Vanecek is a Mental Health Therapist and a Certified Integrative Life Coach with extensive experience in helping individuals improve mental health outcomes. She specializes in treating depression, having worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds to help them form healthier, more positive mindsets, habits and coping strategies.

For Nikki, helping people overcome depression is not just about treating the symptoms but also improving overall wellness by getting to the underlying causes. She works closely with her clients to develop an individualized plan consisting of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, lifestyle changes and other evidence-based techniques that have been proven to help those suffering from depression.

Nikki also brings in her expertise in nutrition, exercise and sleep hygiene to create a holistic approach. Through Nikki’s personalized approach, she helps her clients gain skills needed to manage their symptoms of depression and make actionable changes to improve their quality of life.

Nikki Vanecek, MA, LMFT is a Mental Health Professional specializing in the treatment of depression. She has a strong commitment to helping individuals who suffer from this sometimes disabling condition.

Vanecek holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Long Beach and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has 18 years of clinical experience in the areas of mental health, family and relationships therapy.

Vanecek also works with couples, families and individuals who present with dealing with depression or other significant emotional or mental concerns. Her particular specialty is addressing the underlying patterns that can lead to symptoms of depression, such as inadequate self-care, negative thought patterns, anxiety disrupting sleep and low self-esteem.

Drawing on an eclectic mix of cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, holistic and psychodynamic approaches, Vanecek is well-known for her warmth and ability to “hold a safe space” where people can work on understanding their depression. With her attractive combination of genuine empathy, sensitivity and gentle humor, she helps her clients to gain insight into their own patterns of behavior that are often at the root of their feelings of helplessness or despair.

Vanecek also encourages her clients to take proactive steps towards regaining control of their life and restoring a sense of purpose. She is experienced in helping individuals to identify the beliefs or core issues that are blocking them from achieving personal goals or dreams. This can be quite liberating for those suffering from depression.

Vanecek offers counseling on an individual basis either via teletherapy or in person at her office in Santa Monica, California. She also offers group therapy sessions which provide an opportunity to build a supportive network of individuals sharing similar struggles with depression.

Nikki Vanecek is a licensed mental health specialist in Washington D.C. specializing in the treatment of depression. She has extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, and families struggling with depression and related issues.

Vanecek prides herself on her holistic approach to the treatment of depression. She believes that all aspects of an individual’s life—from physical health to lifestyle habits—are related to their overall mental wellbeing. Treatment plans offered by Vanecek are tailored specifically to each individual, taking into consideration all facets of their life and history.

When it comes to depression, Vanecek is passionate about finding safe and effective ways to treat this disorder. Vanecek works closely with each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that will best address their symptoms, needs, and long-term goals. Her approach features a combination of medication management, psychotherapy, talk therapy, and other strategies specific to the patient’s individual situation.

In addition to her private practice, Vanecek is actively involved in mental health advocacy. She is a passionate supporter of Mental Health America and speaks regularly on topics related to mental health and depression at events across the country.

Whether you are struggling with symptoms of depression or seeking help for a loved one, Nikki Vanecek may be the right choice for you. Her knowledge, experience, and commitment to providing the best care make her an excellent resource for anyone dealing with the symptoms of depression.