At TCM Wellness Clinic, I am committed to improving your quality of life


At TCM Wellness Clinic, our mission is to improve your quality of life with comprehensive, holistic healthcare services. We specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as massage therapy and functional nutrition counseling. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, sleep problems, stress or depression, our team of dedicated professionals is here to help.

Our practitioners are highly trained and experienced in the art of TCM. Our staff members are compassionate and knowledgeable, and use their expertise to craft personalize plans for each patient. We also equip our patients with the knowledge and skills necessary to take an active role in their own self-care.

At TCM Wellness Clinic, our approach is holistic, focusing on the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing as opposed to just prescribing medication. We believe that the combination of multiple treatments can bring about optimal health more quickly than if just one modality is used alone. With this in mind, we create a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

We understand that each individual’s road to wellness is unique. That’s why we take the time to listen to our patients and answer any questions they may have about their condition or treatment plan so they feel empowered throughout their healing journey.

At TCM Wellness Clinic, our commitment to improving your quality of life knows no bounds. With a comprehensive selection of alternative and holistic medicine offerings – ranging from yoga and stress management, to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine – we strive to restore balance and vitality to each of our clients while promoting overall wellness.

Our practitioners are highly-trained professionals adept in several time-tested healing modalities, capable of targeting the origins of illness with specific treatment plans unique to each individual’s needs. We understand that people are all different, therefore we customize treatment protocols that target a variety of ailments such as chronic pain, digestive disorders, allergies, menstrual or menopausal symptoms, fatigue, infertility and many more.

No matter what the issue or condition is, our team is dedicated to providing effective relief for bodily aches and discomforts. Along with this, there is an emphasis on preventive healthcare on sustainable infection control and prevention, dietary advice and counselling.

At TCM Wellness Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy life with wellbeing. That’s why all health services are offered within a warm and welcoming environment, so clients can feel relaxed while receiving their treatments. Furthermore, the clinic’s facilities provide the perfect setting for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

If you’re searching for an alternative form of healthcare that focuses on relieving physical ailments and restoring harmony with nature, look no further than TCM Wellness Clinic. Our team is committed to providing compassionate care that helps individuals achieve optimal health through preventative measures as well as ongoing support when needed.

Today, I had the privilege of visiting the TCM Wellness Clinic and meeting with its founder, Dr. Mark Tiberio. TCM Wellness Clinic is a holistic alternative medical clinic that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies. Dr. Tiberio has been in practice for over thirty years, and his passion for helping patients achieve greater health and well-being is evident in his work.

Dr. Tiberio explained to me that his goal at TCM Wellness Clinic is to improve the quality of life for his patients. The clinic offers a variety of services including acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, nutritional consulting, massage therapy, and biofield tuning. These services are prescribed to address a wide range of health concerns from chronic pain to digestive ailments and even mental health issues. What’s unique about the Clinic is that each treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Dr. Tiberio takes an integrative approach to care and incorporates both Eastern and Western modalities into his treatments. He believes the balance between these approaches can provide long-term improvements in overall health, vitality, and psychological wellbeing. He’s also passionate about teaching his patients how to take an active role in their own healthcare and helping them make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

I am so impressed with the commitment Dr. Tiberio has at TCM Wellness Clinic to improving his patients’ quality of life. From my visit, I could tell that he really does go above and beyond for each one of them; it was truly inspiring to witness his dedication firsthand. If you’re looking for a clinic that will treat you with personalized care and compassion, I highly recommend giving the TCM Wellness Clinic a try!